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Leslie Rochelle, Intuitive Leadership Coach & Mentor.


Leslie supports new and up & coming leaders to unlock the powerful leader they know lies within and guides their journey along the path from Good to Great to Exceptional to Phenomenal.

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I see you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. I see you struggling but afraid to admit it to yourself, let alone anyone else. I see you trying to prove yourself. I see you letting your ego and mind take over in hustle mode instead of your heart in flow.

I SEE you because I AM you. I’ve lived in the place that you’re in right now and I promise you there is a better way to move through your life & career with confidence and clarity resulting in positive impacts in every area of your life including your leadership.

Birthed out of a pursuit to marry the concepts of self-discovery, personal development, and leadership foundations, I've consciously created coaching & mentoring series to reach back and help that earlier version of myself, YOU.

It is my belief that the self-discovery piece is what separates one from being a good leader to becoming a phenomenal leader. It’s that piece that allows us to operate in our authentic leadership style so we can create the greatest impact.

My responsibility as a coach & mentor is to support you be everything you desire to be. I am like a tour-guide and engage with YOU in a safe space so you may explore what you desire, what has meaning & purpose to you and what approaches you may try to get there.

I invite you to join me as I support you to discover your own leader within.

This is how we create a ripple effect… Learn, do, teach.

Much love & respect


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— Carmen Low-Shang

“Leslie’s coaching brilliance has helped me uncover my true value again and release my inner potential. I’d recommend her full VIP programme to you if you just know deep down that there is more for you to achieve in your career or profession.


— Lauressa Cameron

Leslie really mentored me through these obstacles and cheered me on and gave me a path forward and continuing my growth and self-care. This has been the best gift that I have been able to receive for myself.

— Victoria S.

Leslie was the catalyst to me completely taking back control of my life and my career. Due in no small part to her encouragement, coaching, and friendship, I am finally bringing a better and truer version of myself to the workplace and am feeling more happy and fulfilled (and successful!) as a result.

Zanna Majerle

She helped me to dig even deeper to get clarity on what I want, what makes me special, how I can integrate my truths into my business’ message. It was exactly what I needed. My work with Leslie, in just 30 minutes, kickstarted my recommitment to my business, to understanding myself better and to a brighter future for myself. It was a gift I didn’t know I needed!

— Ben S.

You have modeled a new (and unexpectedly) perspective on leadership and truly have been a key influencer toward the change in my understanding of professional development and a leadership mindset.

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When you hire us, you’re also paying it forward.

For every client we serve, a donation is made to the current years’ foundation of choice supporting leadership development in women and youths.

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