Leslie is an Intuitive Leadership Coach & Mentor with a passion for support up & coming and new leaders to the leadership space.

She has guested on several speaking opportunities and contributed to two book compilations, one being an international best seller.

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Here are a few of Leslie's most recent guest appearances.
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Women in Leadership BSMB Podcast

S3E61 Silent Grief, Healing and Hope

July 2022

Diving Deep with Denise

Leading with the Divine Feminine

June 2022

“This episode with Leslie Rochelle was truly awe-inspiring and I know that it will be for those women that are in the corporate world right now knowing that they have earned the right to lead in a bigger way and perhaps have not been seen or have not been able to break through the traditional male-dominated status quo. She offers sage advice coming from personal experience on how to first know yourself, show up authentically, and know-how to harness feminine energy to break the glass ceiling and reach new heights in your life and your career.

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She turned entrepreneur

Episode 068 Have You Asked Yourself “Why?” This Intuitive Coach Suggests: Ask Again. And Again! with Leslie Rochelle

“Sometimes we need to become the help we wish we could find. That was the case for Leslie Rochelle, an intuitive leadership coach and mentor who came up in a male-dominated energy industry that lacked female role models. Today she shares the foundational truths she acquired by coaching women in pursuit of their most authentic, self-confident voices. She supports new as well as mid-career leaders alike, unlocking inner knowing and guiding their journey along the path from Good to Great to Exceptional to Phenomenal.”

Your Field Guide to Awesome

S2:E82 Leslie Rochelle: Revealing Your Leader Within

April 2022

Companies love to promote new executive leaders up from their ranks - it reduces costs, time to productivity, and increases employee retention and team morale.

However, research shows that 40% of new executives fail within 18 months, whether it's the cultural fit, inability to build teamwork, or unsure of their role as a new leader.

So that's why I'm talking with Leslie Rochelle about her leadership journey, as well as widely held misconceptions, and small shifts that can transform your leadership capacity. Both your sense of fulfillment and impact will skyrocket when you make these shifts.

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Women in Leadership BSMB Podcast

S3E17 - Living by Cause or Effect w/Leslie Rochelle

April 2022

“Today she reminded us of her passions to help us all connect to our leader within! I adore Leslie! She knows that our passion to connect Women In Leadership: Body, Mind, Soul and Business is creating the ripple effect, because as each of us grows and opens our hearts and minds, we grow those around us!

Vibrant Living International with Donna Tashjian

You Were Designed for Greatness Episode 91

February 2022

Donna talks with Leslie Rochelle. She tells her story of overcoming grief, loneliness, complete depletion and finding her true self in the process.

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Be Myself Now with Danielle Mendoza

016 Leading Yourself in Business

February 2022

“I’m talking with leadership coach & consultant Leslie Rochelle all about how to lead ourselves first in business. We discuss some important aspects of self-leadership, including the difference between boundaries and standards. Listen now to find out how Leslie is helping entrepreneurs show up empowered on their own self-leadership journey.”

Dre McLaughlin

TALKING LEADERSHIP: Interview with Leslie Rochelle

January 2022

“I caught up with Leslie Rochelle a few weeks ago and I just had to get her to share her career story and how she helps people now! 

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Women In Leadership: Body, Mind, Soul and Business

S2E14 Child-loss and Grief w/Leslie Rochelle, Women in Leadership: BSMB Podcast

February 2022