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Welcome to Leslie’s services and products page where you will find several ways in which to collaborate with her to grow your leadership capacities.

Please browse through, if you have any questions about her Leadership Services and how you and/or your corporation you can work with her reach out using the contact form below…custom packages available.

Learn. Do. Teach.

Leadership Audits, Coaching

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Leadership Audits, Coaching & Mentoring

Leadership Audit

US$ 50.00 (paid in full)
Regular: US$ 297.00

Leadership Audits are a great way to dip your toes in to leadership development. They are a powerful & fun way to assess your current leadership skills.

Following the purchase of your audit, you will receive a questionnaire for completion. Once submitted you will be provided with a calendar link to book your 30 min audit session.

You are encouraged to grace yourself with time and space to thoughtfully complete the questionnaire. The more time you spend on this, the more powerful your session will be.

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Leadership Breakthrough Series

US$ 1,997.00 (paid in full)


Here is your entry level next step to further develop your leadership skills. Following an in-depth onboarding process, we create your path forward setting up your leadership foundations. This is the platform from which all else is built and where you get a deeper understanding of self thus creating more ease, flow and confidence in your life and career helping you to start your journey to phenomenal.

  • 6 x 1:1 Coaching & Mentoring Sessions (min 2 / month)


  • 2 Meditations
  • Unlimited Voxer Support

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Leadership Mentoring Series

US$ 3,900.00 (paid in full)

Consider this your maintenance program… Just like your vehicle, you take it in every so often to keep it in good running condition. The same applies to your leadership skills.

This series offers you:

  • 12 x 1:1 Coaching & Mentoring Sessions (min 1 session / month)


  • 2 Meditations
  • Unlimited Voxer Support

Please use the contact form to discuss additional payment options.

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Leadership Group Program

Coming Q3 2022

Join me in an intimate group setting where you get to explore up-leveling your leadership capacities in a safe & collaborative environment with other like minded leaders. Register here to receive notifications as they become available. I look forward to supporting you!

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Printable E-books, Guides & Physical Books

Your Leader Within; 3 Steps Unlocking the Great Leader YOU were Born to be

US$ 47.00
Regular: US$ 197.00


The key foundation to becoming a phenomenal leader starts with knowing & understanding yourself deeply. This guide will provide you with three exercises that will support your growth and expansion in both your life and career. Ready to up level your leadership capacities? Click below to get started.

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Silent Grief, Healing & Hope

(release 2019; International Best Seller)

E-book; Authored under Leslie Tremblay
US$ 4.99


Leslie has contributed her story of struggle and loss along with 15 Inspirational Stories of Infertility, Miscarriage, and Child Loss. It was a story she never thought she’d share until she was inspired too. She stepped out in courage with an aim to let other women whom have shared this experience know that they are not alone.

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"Leslie was the catalyst to me completely taking back control of my life and my career. Due in no small part to her encouragement, coaching, and friendship, I am finally bringing a better and truer version of myself to the workplace and am feeling more happy and fulfilled (and successful!) as a result."

Victoria S. ~ Engineer

"Leslie is not about denying who you are, she is about self-awareness, validating your own uniqueness and giving it meaningful context."

Donna B. ~ LOTO Administrator

"I have been able to find confidence in myself, and I am now recognized for the same abilities that I once had insecurities about. With Leslie’s support, I have been able to find and map out the right path for me, I am not afraid to change my direction as I now know it is my responsibility to myself to clear my own way to success as no one else will do it for me."

Kristy T. ~ Administrative Guru

"You have modeled a new (and unexpectedly) perspective on leadership and truly have been a key influencer toward the change in my understanding of professional development and a leadership mindset."

Ben S. ~ Sr. Maintenance Planner

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Leslie is an Intuitive Leadership Coach & Mentor with a focus on the new and up & coming leaders new to the leadership space. She supports her clients, through a variety of disciplines best described as a lovely combination of life and leadership coaching & personal development NLP and Time Line Therapy beautifully sprinkled with aspects of spirituality. The benefits experienced by her clients are an increase in self awareness, confidence and leadership impact.

Leslie's aim is to guide her clients as a whole... in all aspects of the human, mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic bodies.

In her corporate role, Leslie supports a multi-billion dollar company. As the first visible female leader at her site location, she has become the go-to support for new female leaders. She is an active mentor, mentee & facilitator. Her vast experience & knowledge in overcoming personal obstacles to become her ideal leader allows her to support her clients in a meaningful way. The passion she has for coaching & mentoring in the entrepreneurial space is driven from a desire to support that earlier version of herself and live in to her philosophy of Learn, Do, Teach.